Search Technology

Company Overview: 
Search Technology's corporate mission is to help people make better decisions in information-rich environments. Text-mining of Science & Technology (S&T) information is the company’s core capability. Search Technology’s 25-year track record is strong in research (e.g., the DARPA-sponsored "Pilot's Associate" (1985-1986) and Air Force-sponsored "Designer's Associate" (1986-1992)) and transitioning results into practice through software development. The company’s vision is to help scientists, engineers, and technology managers make better decisions by more fully exploiting R&D information. From 1995 to 2004, DARPA and the U.S. Army provided STTR Phase I, II, and III support to Search Technology and Georgia Tech’s Technology Policy and Assessment Center (TPAC), with additional support from ONR. Together, they developed VantagePoint text-mining software. Georgia Tech exclusively licenses its rights to Search for commercialization. From commercialization in 2000, VantagePoint and S&T text mining became the core of Search Technology’s business. The software is also available as TechOASIS (for U.S. Government use) and as Thomson Data Analyzer (from Thomson Scientific).