Quality Assurance

The DDL OMNI Engineering Quality Management System (QMS) is the basis for the quality assurance plan that we will use for the SeaPort-e Program. DDL OMNI’s QMS meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, NAVSEA Technical Specification 9090-310C, Quality System Maintenance Instruction–Alteration Installation Teams–Alteration to Ships, and NAVSEA Standard Item 009-01-01 April 1999, Quality Systems. As part of our ISO 9001:2008 registration process (completed in December 2002), we updated our management procedures, instructions, and forms, thus providing personnel an effective document that provides guidance for the company’s day-to-day business. Recognizing that our clients’ business is our business, our QMS is focused on customer satisfaction.

DDL OMNI’s QMS is also a cost-reducing mechanism under performance-based contracting because after processes and procedures are developed during the initial performance period, they are continually improved over the life of the performance-base options, thereby reducing re-work, saving time, and contributing to the overall cost savings and reductions required by NAVSEA for this contract.

The QMS is implemented in all organizations within DDL OMNI, and applies to all employees of the corporation. The QMS includes the Quality System Manual (QSM); Quality Policy and Objectives; Quality System Procedures, Instructions, Forms and other documents (in print and electronic formats); and personnel responsibilities. The system ensures the effective operation and control of our processes and identifies the duties and responsibilities for processing products to requirements. The QMS consists of all required elements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The QSM implements Quality System Policies by means of Quality System Procedures, Quality System Instructions, Quality System Records, and Quality System Forms.

Quality records are maintained by DDL OMNI to demonstrate the achievement of the required product quality and to support effective operation of the QMS. They provide managers with the feedback necessary for continual improvement. Documents received from external sources (such as customer data and design specifications) that are used within the QMS are controlled in the same manner as in-house documents.

At DDL OMNI, all employees know that the QSM is the way we operate, from their arrival at the corporation through annual reviews. Because quality at DDL OMNI is not just something we "have to do," but something that benefits all employees and our clients, it works. It yields better systems that work more reliably. Most importantly, it produces well-done, commendable work of which our clients are proud.

Customer Service Point of Contact

Robert W. (Bob) Fritz
8260 Greensboro Drive, Suite 600
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