PES Services

Contract Number:  GS-23F-0048K
Contract Period:  3/24/2010 – 11/23/2014 (Option 2)

DDL OMNI Engineering offers products and services in six SIN areas.  They are as follows:

SIN 871-1 Strategic Planning for Technology Programs
DDL OMNI offers services in many Professional Engineering Services areas, including the definition and interpretation of high-level organizational engineering performance requirements such as projects, systems, and missions, and the objectives and approaches to their achievement.  Typical tasks performed include analysis of the mission, program goals and objectives, requirement analysis, organizational performance assessment, special studies and analysis, training, privatization and outsourcing.

SIN 871-2 Concept Development & Requirements Analysis
Services include abstract or concept studies and analysis, requirements definition, preliminary planning, the evaluation of alternative technical approaches and associated costs for the development or enhancement of high level general performance specifications for a system, project, mission or activity.  Typical associated tasks include requirements analysis, cost/cost-performance trade-off analysis, feasibility analysis, regulatory compliance support, technology conceptual designs, training, privatization and outsourcing.

SIN 871-3 Systems Design, Engineering and Integration
Services under this Special Item Number (SIN) include the translation of a system (or subsystem, program, project, activity) concept into a preliminary and detailed design (engineering plans and specifications), performing risk identification/ analysis/ mitigation, traceability, and then integrating the various components to produce a working prototype or model of the system.  Typical tasks include computer-aided design, design studies and analysis, high level detailed specification preparation, configuration management, and document control, fabrication, assembly and simulation, modeling, training, privatization and outsourcing.

SIN 871-4 Test and Evaluation
Services include the application of various techniques demonstrating that a prototype system (subsystem, program, project or activity) performs in accordance with the objectives outlined in the original design.  Typical associated tasks include testing of a prototype and first article(s) testing, environmental testing, independent verification and validation, reverse engineering, simulation and modeling (to test the feasibility of a concept), system safety, quality assurance, physical testing of the product or system, training, privatization, and outsourcing.

SIN 871-5 Integrated Logistics Support
Services include the analysis, planning and detailed design of all engineering specific logistics support including material goods, personnel, and operational maintenance and repair of systems throughout their life cycles.  Typical associated tasks include ergonomic/human performance analysis, feasibility analysis, logistics planning, requirements determination, policy standards/ procedures development, long-term reliability and maintainability, training, privatization and outsourcing.

SIN 871-6 Acquisition of Life Cycle Management
Services under this Special Item Number (SIN) include planning, budgetary, contract and systems/ program management functions required to procure and/or produce, render operational and provide life cycle support (maintenance, repair, supplies, engineering specific logistics) to technology-based systems, activities, subsystems, projects, etc.  Typical associated tasks include operation and maintenance, program/ project management, technology transfer/ insertion, training, privatization and outsourcing.