Tactical Development & Evaluation

Since 1979, DDL OMNI has been in partnership with the U.S. Navy in solving fleet tactical deficiencies by developing, evaluating, and promulgating tactics that improve employment of ships, aircraft, and submarines and their embedded sensors and weapons to maintain advantage over the enemy.

Supporting the Navy TAC D&E program since 1996, our technical expertise and operational experience have proved instrumental in developing tactics that counter the increasing modernization and sophistication of potential threat forces. New tactics, techniques, and procedures are continually under development, as well, to optimize the utilization of new Navy platforms and systems.

DDL OMNI provides tactical decision makers with the tools needed to rapidly assess the battle space and maximize force effectiveness with tactical guidance spanning all warfare areas, including surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, air defense, strike warfare, and information operations. DDL OMNI-developed tactics have been incorporated into current doctrine supporting aircraft carrier strike group, expeditionary strike group, and surface strike group operations.

Platforms and systems supported by DDL OMNI tactics include AEGIS cruisers and destroyers, littoral combat ship, F/A-18E/F, MH-60R, SH-60B, HH-60, ES-3A, E-2C, P-3C, HELLFIRE, SLAM, HARM, LANTIRN, FLIR, APS, AN/SQQ-89, and MK-54 torpedo.

DDL OMNI analysts work daily with personnel across the spectrum of fleet levels—from the fleet commanders to unit commanding officers and individual equipment operators. We have conducted extensive at-sea testing, observed numerous exercises, developed and delivered countless reports and briefs, and developed and produced tactics for dissemination as Tactical Memoranda (TACMEMOs) and Naval Warfare Publications (NWPs). 

Our analysts are on the leading edge of developing tactics to meet the ever-changing challenge and threat of the post-cold war era. As the world order changes and the threat evolves, DDL OMNI TAC D&E analysts are at the forefront as the Navy transitions to its new warfare missions:  expeditionary warfare (Desert Storm) peace keeping (Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti); and counter-drug operations (Caribbean).