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DDL OMNI is a recognized industry leader in all aspects of war game development for Strike Group Staffs, Warfare Commanders, Joint Components, and Coalition Forces. We have developed wide-ranging gaming experience through the use of in-house and distributed war games, and by our continued affiliation with the U.S. Navy's Tactical Training Groups, Atlantic and Pacific; Naval War College; and Navy Warfare Development Command since 1980.

warfareDDL OMNI participates in all aspects of the war game development process based on our game sponsor’s objectives.  Each game is specifically designed, built, subjected to rigorous quality assurance review, and executed using a derived C4I architecture, which either touches or replicates real-world systems.  Our subject matter experts have extensive familiarity in all warfare areas adding to the accuracy and authenticity of the presentations at both the Tactical and Operational levels. Post game analysis and lessons learned development are based on each sponsor’s specific objectives.

DDL OMNI Engineering has the expertise and experience to support all aspects of warfare gaming within the U.S. Navy and in the Joint implementation of advanced distributed simulation.  Our personnel have been instrumental in the development of standards and protocols within the framework of the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS). Our work in this area, particularly in the definition and refinement of Protocol Data Units (PDU), has been invaluable in the development of distributed simulation exercises such as Fleet Synthetic Training (FST), where our modeling and simulation systems interface with the Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT), Link Simulators (MLST-3), Total Ship Training System (TSTS) or other training simulations to stimulate onboard tactical systems to produce high-fidelity training to Naval and Joint forces.

We are assisting the U.S. Navy to facilitate its integration in distributed joint simulations, and we are part of a team that is planning further exercises under the auspices of Fleet Synthetic Training aspects of the Fleet Training Continuum.

As distributed FST events have become more feasible, realistic, and a practical source of effective force training, DDL OMNI has had a key role in developing joint-oriented games that involve Air Force and Army units as well as platform trainers.  Joint units are interfaced through the Joint National Training Capability (JNTC) via the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) networks in order to replicate the joint real-world experience.

DDL OMNI also supports warfare gaming through classroom training and seminar war games. We provide training to senior officers in state-of-the-art C4I tactical systems, and we maintain our expertise through participation in the forums that shape these evolving systems. Our personnel have the technical and engineering knowledge to recognize possible enhancements in C4I tactical systems, and we have the current operational know-how to provide advice on their practical implementation in real-world situations.