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DDL OMNI offers proven expertise in Textual Data Mining (TDM) applications to assist our customers in leveraging and managing scientific and technical research in order to discover, understand, and effectively use information to achieve their strategic goals.  

With the goal of gaining meaningful insight from vast data collections, our work focuses on bringing unrelated, potentially veiled, scientific discoveries and scientific trends to the attention of analysts for use in discovery, application, and assessment. We have successfully performed this work for the Office of Naval Research, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Benefits and Applications
Our TDM process allows our customers to—

  • Conduct technology assessments that result in actionable intelligence.
  • Quickly and accurately identify research being conducted across the globe within a technology/topic of interest, as well as determine the centers of excellence for such research.
  • Identify individual researchers within a specific field of interest for participation at technical reviews and workshops.
  • Assess and/or compare national science and technology investment trends for a specific country.
  • Deliver RFQs and RFPs to a targeted and comprehensive list of companies or researchers working in a particular field.
  • Identify innovative and non-conventional solutions to specific problems.

DDL OMNI has established proven methodologies for developing complex analytical processes to efficiently filter large commercial, public, and controlled access government databases for potentially relevant information on a topic of interest.   Key to our process for developing, filtering, de-noising, and evaluating relevant information are our proprietary software tools, which allow our research analysts to display a taxonomy that clusters the records by topical similarity and allows us to visualize patterns in the database that would not otherwise be apparent.

Additionally, our research analysts and project engineers are well versed in engineering and scientific practices and are able to augment the document clustering analysis through an iterative review cycle.  This review cycle ensures our customers receive concise, actionable information compiled from potentially millions of source documents.