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DDL OMNI Engineering has decades of experience managing the integration of large-scale software projects.  Whether developing standards for interoperability or developing applications that work within an existing communications methodology, our system architects and developers are skilled in developing software at all layers of an application stack.  From applications, middleware, applets, class libraries or frameworks—to operating system drivers or kernel modules —DDL OMNI develops software that integrates easily into our customer’s system.

Our clients have called on us to perform a wide range of software integration projects. Typical projects include designing and developing a replacement for a legacy component in an existing system, or managing the implementation of a large-scale software integration project involving multiple vendors and civilian or military government applications.  

No matter the scale of the project, our system architects and software developers have the technical expertise, as well as proven implementation processes, to assure that interoperability is built into the application from the first line of code.  Strong change control management processes and rigorous regression test plans are just some of the processes used to ensure the finished application conforms to its functional requirements.