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Anytime, Anywhere Collaboration Solutions

One of the key strengths of our Software, Web and Systems Development support is our ability to help customers effectively manage projects and achieve common goals through web-based collaboration.

Whether the requirement is a next-generation social publishing system for a small community, or a large-scale corporate document management and real-time communication capability, our customers count on us to provide the right solution quickly and cost effectively.

We don't sell one software solution. We have expertise in a variety of proven and emerging collaboration tools to offer our customers the best solution for their specific requirements. With experience implementing both open and closed source tools, we build user-friendly, highly reliable, and scalable collaboration systems that leverage their current hardware and software investments.

From requirements analysis to user support, DDL OMNI provides complete collaboration services to meet our customers' critical business needs:

collaboration system dev

Streamlined program management

  • Discussion and document sharing and review
  • Data collection
  • Task and milestone tracking
  • Preservation of corporate/program history

Improved communication

  • Real-time communication, wiki, blog, IM
  • E-meeting capabilities—virtual presentations, white boarding, audio/video web conferencing
  • 3-D virtual environments

Secure environment

  • Password protection
  • SSL encryption
  • Multiple levels of access control
  • PKI, single sign-on