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From simple Fourier Transforms to K-Omega beam forming for passive sonar applications, DDL OMNI has the experience and capabilities to implement advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms.  

Our engineers are experienced in using software tools such as MATLAB and LabVIEW for algorithm development and testing on general purpose processors.  We have the competencies to transition algorithms to FPGA hardware for higher speed and greater reliability. In addition to algorithm development, DDL OMNI personnel are experienced in creating innovative and responsive visual displays of pre- and post-processed signals.

Coupled with our expertise in data collection and analysis, our digital signal processing capabilities can be used to extract and present meaningful information out of complicated, incomplete, or noisy data.

For digital signal processing needs range from comparing equipment performance to specifications, to identifying communication signal errors, our engineers have the analytical and computational resources to filter digital streams of audio, radio, electrical, or image data and perform complex transforms of that data between time, space, frequency, or other domains.