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Throughout our corporate history of successfully fielding military systems, DDL OMNI has demonstrated expertise with DoD's three principal decision-making support systems:

  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) Process
  • Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS)
  • The Defense Acquisition System

Although DoD processes are based on centralized policies and principles, they allow for decentralized and streamlined execution of acquisition activities. This approach provides flexibility and encourages innovation, while maintaining strict emphasis on discipline and accountability.

DDL OMNI offers the following comprehensive services in DoD acquisition and strategic planning:

  • Acquisition strategy
  • Program planning
  • Risk avoidance
  • Best practices
  • Financial planning
  • Procurement execution
  • Acquisition streamlining
    • COTS applications
    • "Buy-to" requirements
    • Paperless contracts
    • Use of Integrated Project Team (IPT) concept
  • Acquisition strategy support including—
    • Responses/briefings to flag level and higher for program issues
    • Development/implementation of new acquisition strategy
    • Total Ownership Cost (TOC)
  • Special project support including—
    • Development of a technical refreshment program plan
    • Conduct and analysis of software requirements completion
    • Development and evaluation of earned value management
    • Evaluation and re-engineering of program metrics
    • Recommendation on and application of acquisition reform initiatives