Program & Strategic Management

DDL OMNI works closely with our customers to ensure that all aspects of developing and fielding a system or “system of systems” are addressed early enough in the acquisition cycle so that the end product is an effective asset. Throughout the military acquisition process, stakeholders rely on key enablers to inform their decisions and actions. DDL OMNI specialists are involved with all enablers that lead to fielding the best systems possible, including—

  • Governance—establishes a rhythm for the flow/review of performance information and a forum for deciding on actions needed to correct problems or reward success.
  • Continuous process improvement—a comprehensive philosophy of operations built around the concept that a process can always be improved to better meet the needs of the customer, and that an organization should constantly strive to make those improvements (e.g., Lean Six Sigma).
  • Decision analysis—provides critical performance data to support timely decisions and corrective actions. Decision analysis enables stakeholders and their organizations to understand past, current, and projected performance.