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DDL OMNI has the experience, personnel, and equipment necessary to support hydrostatic testing to verify the integrity of materials under a number of test scenarios.  We have expertise in multiple test scenarios, including non-destructive tests, burst tests, or variable pressure tests.

DDL OMNI uses nondestructive tests to verify that an object maintains integrity up to a specific pressure at the threshold of its operating environment.   It is typically used to establish compliance with industry specifications.

We conduct burst tests to determine the failure point of an object.  Multiple pressure tests are run at progressively increasing pressures until the object bursts or begins to take on water.  We use this scenario to establish the maximum possible pressure specifications, to help bound the operating specifications, or to determine areas where an object may be over-spec'd.

Variable pressure scenarios allow DDL OMNI to subject an object to multiple pressurization/depressurization cycles according to a test profile designed in advance.  This allows the simulation of real-world underwater deployments where dive depths and time at depth may vary greatly.  By simulating a series of deep and shallow tests, it is possible to discover faults that may only rarely be seen otherwise.

Upon completion of any hydrostatic test, DDL OMNI conducts a visual inspection for faults and precision measurement for water penetration to verify the integrity of the test object.