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DDL OMNI is an industry leader in providing CAD design solutions for development of—

  • Temporary Alterations (TempAlts)
  • Operational Alterations (OpAlts)
  • Ship Alterations (ShipAlts)
  • Alterations and Improvements (A&Is)

Directly responding to shifting strategies about how we will need to use energy in the future, DDL OMNI engineers develop solutions for the related issues of higher levels of integration, lower power designs, and lower cost solutions.

By incorporating the CAD design resolutions with AVI stress calculation analysis illustrations, we provide our customers media player images to better understand the projected stress factors that may affect the installation. Our expert staff provides the following electrical and mechanical design services:


  • System block diagrams
  • Wireway drawings
  • Wiring tables
  • Power load analysis
  • EMI classification


  • Design/fabrication drawings
  • Detailed assembly drawings
  • Installation control drawings
  • Preliminary installation plans
  • Arrangement drawings
  • Hardware installation drawings