Alteration Design & Installation Services

DDL OMNI offers a broad spectrum of services to support Naval shipboard design and installation requirements. Our flexible and highly skilled staff is cross-trained for improved productivity and led by deeply capable and proven managers with a clear understanding of U.S. Navy policies. The DDL OMNI team has extensive waterfront experience and is backed by a mature QA program for risk mitigation.

DDL OMNI is an industry leader in providing CAD engineering design and installation solutions for development of multiple alteration designs including—

  • Temporary Alterations (TempAlts)
  • Operational Alterations (OpAlts)
  • Ship Alterations (ShipAlts)
  • Alterations and Improvements (A&Is)

We maintain the following certifications:

  • NAVSEA Approved Non-Subsafe Welding Activity
  • NAVSEA Certified 04XQ Alteration Installation Team (AIT) IAW NAVSEA 9090-310D
  • NAVSEA Certified Deep Submergence System - Scope of Certification (DSS-SOC) AIT - (SSGN)
  • NAVSEA Certified Fly-By-Wire AIT (SSN 21, SSN 774 Ship Control System)