DDL OMNI is known in the industry for our exceptional dedication to supporting our customers–anytime–anywhere. Recent testimonials from our customers—

"EXCEPTIONAL job...data collection best I have seen; reports were on time, detailed and accurate!"
—SURFWARDEVGRU, December 2009

"...you are recognized and appreciated by the Fleet! Your personal efforts on a daily basis, from lectures through scripted games, formed the foundation of the DESRON’s success. Thanks again for your flexibility and efforts."
—TTGL, December 2009

"...exceptional systems engineering expertise; in-depth analysis of JASSM reliability that contributed to establishing the developmental test requirements for continued production..."
—OUSD (AT&L), July 2009

"The design is excellent and the installation is outstanding. What you accomplished is truly amazing. The capabilities you provided will have a major impact on the mission and national security."
—COMSUBFOR, May 2009

"Your team did a great job getting the package approved in a cost effective manner. Look forward to working with your team again."
—NSWCCD, March 2009

"Excellent support of a previously unscheduled installation; in hurried and extenuating circumstances, a job well done."
—NSWCCD, February 2009

"Excellent support to address an emergent waterfront issue – much appreciated."
—NSWC Carderock, January 2009