Be a DDL OMNI Supplier

DDL OMNI is seeking small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned businesses, historically black colleges and universities and minority institutions, HUBZone businesses, veteran-owned businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned businesses, and Native American and tribal-owned businesses that have experience in commercial or government contracting and/or offer unique solutions to business challenges.

Before contacting DDL OMNI about potential teaming opportunities, please consider following points, which will help in your preparations for our initial discussions.

Strong differentiation. The key to business success is a competitive advantage, which enables clear and meaningful differentiation of your offering. You will be asked to provide a company/product presentation, capabilities document, a White Paper, and/or other relevant documents to illustrate this point.

Federal/state/local government experience and expertise. DDL OMNI is seeking small businesses with previous experience within federal, state, and/or local agencies, especially if your company has a bona fide relationship and can demonstrate knowledge in the area of the needs of a government agency we are supporting at the time.

Innovative technology closely matching clients’ needs. It is important to demonstrate that your solution/product can enable clients to differentiate themselves from the competition, solve their problems, and provide better services to their constituency.

Up-to-date information on new leads. DDL OMNI does not post a list of RFPs in which we have active interest. Therefore, we encourage suppliers to proactively search new leads and opportunities. When you identify a project that may be of interest to DDL OMNI, please contact our Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) as per the information below. If DDL OMNI is pursuing the lead, we will provide you with the appropriate internal point of contact.

There are several ways to investigate procurement opportunities, including reviewing the following useful websites:

Small Business Liaison Officer
Nancy L. Doolin
Phone: (703) 918-4335