DDL OMNI promotes and cultivates both partnerships and organizational affiliations that position us to lead technology initiatives of national and international importance, mentor young engineers and professionals, and improve our business community.


National instruments
national_insturmentsDDL OMNI participates in the National Instruments (NI) Alliance Partner Program. NI's LabVIEW product offering is a graphical programming environment used by millions of engineers and scientists to develop sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems using intuitive graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart. LabVIEW offers unrivaled integration with thousands of hardware devices and provides hundreds of built-in libraries for advanced analysis and data visualization. The LabVIEW platform is scalable across multiple targets and operating systems, and since its introduction in 1986 has become an industry leader. As an NI Solution Partner, DDL OMNI has a strong knowledge of our specific defense industry application for our customer requirements. We provide the focused knowledge and turn-key systems required for our industry accounts. And with more than 15 years of LabVIEW application development experience, DDL OMNI has a Certified LabView Architect (CLA, 1 of 135 globally) and two Certified LabView Associate Developers (CLAD, 2 of 2149 globally) to help our customers achieve better solutions.

Maritime Technology Alliance (MTA)
maritimeDDL OMNI works closely with the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED), Montgomery County, the congressional staffs of both Maryland and Virginia, NSWCCD and other government entities, the University of Maryland, and several maritime businesses.

American Society of Naval Engineers, Flagship Section
asneThe American Society of Naval Engineers was created to advance the knowledge and practice of naval engineering in public and private applications and operations, enhance the professionalism and well-being of members, and promote naval engineering as a career field. A senior DDL OMNI Technical Director has served as former Technical Program Chair.

International Submarine Races (ISR)
isrDDL OMNI is a supporter and promoter of NSWCCD's largest public event. The goal of this program is to inspire engineering students to delve into broad areas of underwater technology advancement and provide them an educational experience that translates their theoretical knowledge into reality; to advance subsea vehicle hydrodynamic, propulsion and life support systems; and to increase public awareness of the challenges of working in and exploring the ocean depths.

Corporate Affiliations

Emergency Management Training, Analysis & Simulation Center
ematcThe Emergency Management Training, Analysis & Simulation Center (EMTASC) is a Commonwealth of Virginia initiative to develop a regional Center to provide training for Homeland Security, Disaster Response and Emergency Management. DDL OMNI serves on the Board of Directors of EMTASC. EMTASC employs world-class expertise and state-of-the-art modeling and simulation tools to conduct training, exercises, analysis, and operational support for disaster management and homeland security situations.

Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center 
vmascThe Virginia Modeling and Simulation Initiative was an aggressive plan to promote Virginia's high-tech modeling and simulation industry by boosting research, encouraging development, and improving information technology infrastructure. The Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center (VMASC) engages in scholarly research in modeling and simulation (M&S), visualization, and analysis that yields significant contributions to the M&S body of knowledge, provides constructive solutions to critical challenges facing academic, government, and industry partners, and fosters the international advancement of the discipline of M&S. It promotes economic development through collaboration with industry and through the continued maturation of research ideas and analysis to create tangible products and applications suitable for commercial development or public investment. It also supports M&S education and workforce development through classroom instruction and through active engagement of students in the research process. DDL OMNI has been an industry member of the VMASC since its inception in 1997. In February 2009, a DDL OMNI corporate officer was elected to the VMASC Board of Advisors.

Professional Services Council
pscThe Professional Services Council (PSC) is the national trade association of the government professional and technical services industry. PSC is solely focused on preserving, improving, and expanding the federal government market for its members; it is the most respected industry voice and leader on legislative and regulatory policy issues related to government procurement, outsourcing and related business policy. PSC's mission is simple and focused: to provide unparalleled value to its members by being the leading advocate and resource for the federal professional and technical services industry. DDL OMNI is a voting member on the Board.