Our People

DDL OMNI offers a talented team of more than 200 professionals who are highly skilled in a variety of technical, business, and creative disciplines. Although our services have evolved over our nearly 50 years, our guiding principle remains the same: Our success is a direct result of our people—their ingenuity, hard work, and personal commitment to our company mission.

Meet some of our dedicated employees and learn more about their work with our customers.


Matt Software Development Learn more

Wanting to move to the Washington, DC area, Matt was seeking an opportunity where his engineering, test and measurement experience, and LabVIEW programming skills would be valuable. Since joining DDL OMNI over nine years ago, Matt’s work has been primarily in support of NSWC Carderock in DDL OMNI’s Engineering Division. He now leads a team developing and enhancing test systems the United States Navy uses to verify submarine SONAR system performance. This test systems comprise hardware for collecting signals and custom software applications to automate data collection, analysis, evaluation and presentation. Additionally, he maintains the partnership between DDL OMNI and National Instruments, the supplier of much of the hardware and the LabVIEW software development environment used in DDL OMNI’s test systems. “Through this relationship and the efforts of DDL OMNI’s business development and senior leadership, I work to diversify and expand the portfolio of customers and projects for DDL OMNI’s test and measurement business.”

Matt shared that during his time with DDL OMNI he was presented with a special work opportunity to work aboard a submarine at sea. “Although for me this came about just one time, it remains a highlight of the unique role DDL OMNI plays in supporting the Navy’s submarine force.” When asked about where he was in his career Matt shared, “Solidly in the middle of my working years, I’ve had the opportunity to work in organizations ranging in size from the largest international corporations to literally the smallest startups and several in between. My contributions have been made in roles including as an individual researcher, test manager, engineering team leader, and software architect. My career path has allowed me to combine my undergraduate engineering bachelor’s degree and graduate technology and engineering management master’s degree, with years of varied engineering and software development experiences, into this role where I’m able to cultivate a team, mentor individuals, and grow the business of DDL OMIN’s Engineering Division.”

The best part of Matt’s job is the people, “My colleagues are the best part of working at DDL OMNI. Although cliché, it is undeniably the reason I look past the frustrations and instead focus on the opportunities of my job. Bright, dedicated and conscientious, the people I work with make my days enjoyable and the work we do fun.”

Matt’s success is driven by motivation to be his best at all times stating “At DDL OMNI there is no hand-holding – you will succeed according to your own efforts. Surround yourself with good people, nurture relationships with your partners, execute your responsibilities intelligently, and expect nothing less than the best effort from yourself and everyone around you. These have been the tenets of my success and the success of my DDLOMNI colleagues.”


Lori Ship Control Systems Learn more

Lori is a 12 year employee of DDL OMNI and has a diverse technical background that includes: software development, testing, networking and project management. Currently, she works as a Senior Technical Writer and Applications Specialist where she specializes in technical support for Ship Control Systems for the Engineering Division in the Middletown, RI office on several key projects to include: VIRGINIA Class submarines, OHIO Class submarines, SEAWOLF Class submarines, OHIO Replacement Program, and SEAWOLF Class submarines. Lori also serves as the Facility Security Officer (FSO) for the Middletown, RI office and is responsible for the Fly-By-Wire (FBW) website, a Navy web site hosted by DDL OMNI.

Lori shared that during her time with DDL OMNI, she has been given the opportunity to learn and perform the position requirements necessary for success as a website administrator supporting the FBW website. In this role, Lori has gained valuable experience from undergoing a NAVSEA government audit and what it requires for accountability. To further her skill set, Lori participated in the company’s Educational Assistance Program to pursue a Graduate Degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Software Engineering. When asked about where she was in her career Lori shared, “I’m nearing the end of my educational career, having completed my master’s degree in Information Systems, but my professional career is ever evolving and who knows where it may take me.”

When asked what she enjoyed about being part of the DDL OMNI team, she stated, “I enjoy the challenge of working on different projects with different clients and varying requirements. This position has taught me the importance of traceability, accountability and reliability.”

Lori attributes teamwork, communication, and resilience to her success with DDL OMNI. “I strive to help the engineers as much as possible. Sometimes it takes a few iterations, because we can be on different pages, but I persevere and with their patience it works out it the long run.


Ian Tactical Development and Evaluation Learn more

After a 26 year Navy career focused on carrier aviation, tactical development and training, doctrine, and unmanned systems experimentation, Ian was seeking an opportunity that would leverage that experience in support of the active force. “DDL OMNI offered me the ideal opportunity to continue working on the integration of unmanned systems with traditional manned platforms.”

Ten months ago, DDL OMNI hired Ian as a Senior Analyst supporting the Simulation and Systems Division by providing tactical development and evaluation services on site for Commander, U.S. THIRD FLEET. His current project involves integrating unmanned aerial systems in non-traditional roles to meet pressing capability gaps for the U.S. Navy. Ian shared that his work in direct support of a senior Navy staff has allowed him the opportunity to “tap into resources throughout the Navy and industry, interacting routinely with the national experts on tactics and emerging technologies.”

When asked what he enjoyed about being part of the DDL OMNI team, he stated, "three things about DDL OMNI stand out from the pack: The quality of the leadership and my co-workers, the camaraderie in the work force, and the opportunity to do interesting and relevant work in close coordination with the active U.S. Navy.”

Ian attributes the diverse experience and support of his colleagues to his success on the job stating, “DDL OMNI has a long history of excellence in the tactical development and evaluation realm, and the inspiration, enthusiasm and expertise of my co-workers have been invaluable in helping me develop high quality, cutting-edge products for the government.”


Kevin Leading support in Configuration Management Learn more

Seeking an “opportunity that would provide career growth,” Kevin was originally hired as a draftsman/designer to support DDL OMNI’s Engineering Services Division in Newport, RI. Since then, he has expanded his role and responsibilities well beyond the draftsman position.

Kevin now leads in contractor support for Configuration Management for DDL OMNI customers, managing engineering drawings, engineering change documents, and support a Configuration Management database that provides a library of information to numerous engineers/technical design agents at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport Division.

Not part of his original responsibilities, Kevin now creates and reviews various engineering drawings, assuring they are in accordance with military and commercial specifications. "I like where I am in my career. I want to continue to acquire additional education that will assist me to further grow in my position. I am always open to new challenges."

Working with exceptional peers and mentors, Kevin continues to develop. He stated, "I like working at DDL OMNI due to my coworkers, management and the constant evolution of my position." A 14-year veteran of the company, Kevin still feels that the shared life experiences and knowledge of fellow employees have helped him progress in his current job.

"My success is driven by motivation to do my very best at all times. DDL OMNI is like a family to me and I work to maintain family stability and success. I work alongside remarkable coworkers who have helped make DDL OMNI successful. I want to continue that legacy and inspire others to do the same. DDL OMNI doesn’t inspire their employees to be good; DDL OMNI inspires their employees to be the best," Kevin said.


Paul Tactical Guidance for Superior Capabilities Learn more

Paul understands first-hand the needs of the U.S. Navy.  A 30-year Navy veteran and survivor of the attack on the USS Cole, Paul uses his insight and experience to help strengthen tactical capabilities for Sailors worldwide. 

"On Oct. 12, 2000, [Paul] was relaxing in the chiefs' mess of the USS Cole. Suddenly, a deafening explosion rocked the ship, filling the mess with choking black smoke. Dazed, [Paul] and several comrades escaped to the nearby galley, which bore the brunt of the blast. Death and destruction were everywhere. Trapped, the group made its way to the false bulkhead in the CPO mess, banging on it and shouting for help until they were rescued...
That brush with death infused [Paul] with a renewed appreciation for life—a zeal that helped him make a successful transition from military to civilian employment " Excerpt, Senior Enlisted Profile,
G.I. Jobs, October 2007

After retiring from the Navy in 2007, Paul joined DDL OMNI's Virginia Beach office as a Support Analyst. He provides Automated Readiness Measurement System (ARMS) configuration item (CI) design support for the Under-Sea Warfare Decision Support System (USW-DSS), a project that helps the Navy assess the readiness of assets to respond to national crises. He also works as a USW-DSS trainer and assists in the development of curriculum, concept of employment, tactical memorandum, and JCIDs documents associated with that system.

Throughout his Navy career, Paul served on the USS Dale, USS John Rogers, USS Lake Champlain, and USS Cole as well as in San Diego and Norfolk. Building on his former military experience, "I've been able to expand into areas [at DDL OMNI] that suit my interest.  This has allowed me to work in an environment I enjoy, while contributing to new and innovative ideas for U.S. Navy problems.  Additionally, training and evaluation of ASW at sea has given me the opportunity to travel to various parts of the country and world," Paul said.

"The company [DDL OMNI] immediately appealed to me," [Paul] says. "It’s small, responsive, the kind of people you can do business over a handshake with." Excerpt, Senior Enlisted Profile,
G.I. Jobs, October 2007

What drives his success at DDL OMNI is the opportunity to improve tactics and tools for the Navy, and having the freedom to explore new opportunities. "I'm learning new skills, working with great people, and helping the U.S. Navy.  What I like the most is working with other excellent Navy retirees. We have a lot of fun working together, providing Sailors with new tools and capabilities," he said.


Stephanie Making a Difference in eLearning Effectiveness Learn more

Stephanie helps other people do their jobs well. A recent graduate of James Madison University, she began her career at DDL OMNI in January 2009 as a project coordinator for DDL OMNI's eLearning group. Although just starting her professional career, Stephanie was able to hit the ground running on her first day—she had already completed four summer internships at DDL OMNI while working on her bachelor's degree in Integrated Science and Technology.

What made Stephanie come back to DDL OMNI to begin her career? "It was the people that I worked with during the summer, and the working environment, that made that decision easy for me. After spending four summers at DDL OMNI and getting to know the people and inner-workings of the office, I already felt comfortable, respected, and 'one of the family'," she said.

Stephanie's current projects include the Undersea Warfare Decision Support System computer-based training (CBT) for the Naval Sea Systems Command and sonar systems training software for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division. As an eLearning project coordinator, she creates storyboards, manipulates graphics and audio with computer software, and facilitates communication between subject matter expert engineers, computer programmers, and the management.

"It is extremely rewarding to work as a team to find solutions to problems and create a learning product that helps people do their jobs well—to hand over a final product to our customer that we're proud of," she said.

Stephanie credits a diverse and supportive work environment as an important contributor to her success on the job. "I enjoy being a part of the DDL OMNI family because it is just that, a family. I work with a variety of people—from brilliant engineers to attentive human resources professionals, and people in other specialties who love being a part of DDL. The people here have passion for their work and it consistently shows through the products we develop. I also know that my co-workers welcome my input to any problem or situation. It feels wonderful knowing the company you work for not only respects you as an individual but does everything in its power to make your voice heard," she said.