DDL OMNI Awarded $17.8 Million Contract to Support Critical Transducer Program

McLean, Virginia, June 7, 2008 – DDL OMNI is pleased to announce the award of Contract No. N00178-04-D-4032-N402 for engineering and technical services in support of the Critical Transducer Program (CTP) at Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport (NUWCDIVNPT), Newport, Rhode Island. Support under this contract, which was awarded on May 7, 2008, is valued at $17.8 million.

Under the five-year contract, DDL OMNI Engineering will provide engineering and technical services in support of the Critical Transducer Program. These services will include support of the Technical Design Agent (TDA), In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA), and Acquisition Engineering Agent (AEA) for all surface ship and submarine sonar transducers and hydrophones. This support includes transducer and hydrophone testing and engineering, ISEA services, database development, and management and transducer restoration technical services. Work will be performed at DDL OMNI's Norwich, Connecticut, office under the direction of Ralph M. Vlcek, Vice President, Engineering Services Division.

DDL OMNI has been providing support to NUWCDIVNPT in these critical areas for the past 15 years.

"The award of this significant contract demonstrates DDL OMNI's long history of excellent performance in support of our customers. Congratulations to the entire DDL OMNI Norwich team," said Jim Schaeffer, Chairman, President, and CEO.

DDL OMNI is an engineering and technical services company whose capabilities include systems engineering and analysis, materials and structures engineering, design and prototyping, operations research, information technology, program management and acquisition support, logistics engineering, distributed simulation and wargaming, environmental services, and award-winning web design and development services.

The company is headquartered in McLean, VA, with offices in Virginia Beach, VA; Newport, RI; Norwich, CT; and San Diego, CA. Personnel also serve at government facilities in Groton, CT; Newport, RI; White Sands, NM; San Diego, CA; and Pearl Harbor, HI.

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