John H. Leckie

Vice President, Engineering Services Division

John H. LeckieJohn H. Leckie is the Vice President of the Engineering Services Division based out of Norwich, CT. He has been supporting Navy Submarine Programs and the waterfront for over for over 42 years. He is responsible for all facets of Engineering Services Division operations including technical project oversight, management, financial management, personnel assignments, and administration. He manages TEMPALT, OPALT and SHIPALT development, system engineering, prototype development, system refurbishment, shipboard installation, testing, training, Cyber Security and Certification. Systems include COMINT, SIGINT, ELINT augmented loadout, carry-on equipment, Deep Submergence Systems- Scope of Certification (DSS SOC) SOF C2/7TV, Fly-By-Wire (FBW) systems and TUBA program shipboard support.

Mr. Leckie joined DDL OMNI Engineering in October, 2000. He served as Program Manager for AN/BYG-1 and ARCI Programs providing technical, design and engineering support to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport Division. Additionally, he led the engineering and installation support of the Submarine Ventilation Temperature Monitoring System (SVTMS) across all submarine platforms.

Mr. Leckie served as Technical Director and DSS SOC/FBW Program Advisor in support of SOF C2 and FBW systems aboard SSGN, SSN 21 and VA Class submarines for 11 years prior to being promoted to Vice President in January, 2017. Prior to joining DDL OMNI Engineering, Mr. Leckie served as a Naval Submarine Officer for over 26 years. He served as a Ship Superintendent at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Assistant Combat Systems Officer on USS PARCHE (SSN 683), Combat Systems Officer at COMSUBDEVRON TWELVE, Director of the Submarine Surveillance Equipment Program (SSEP) and Electrical and Electronic Repair Division Officer at Naval Submarine Support Facility (NSSF). Additionally, Mr. Leckie served aboard USS TUNNY (SSN 682) and USS GUARDFISH (SSN 612).